O registru – EN

Dear Croats,

The Central State Office for Croats Abroad has launched a pilot project for the creation of a Registry of Croatian Entities Abroad through which it fosters the connection of Croats all over the world as well as their connection to the homeland.

The pilot phase of the project will be carried out from September to December 2018 and it will be primarily addressed to Croats from Argentina, Germany and the United States. With the intention of further improving the Registry, the pilot phase will be extended until the end of January 2019. This sample will be the subject of testing of the Registry during the mentioned period, which will be followed by an evaluation of its performance. That will serve as a basis for the decision whether to establish the Registry in its next, production version on the global scale and with permanent character. However, even during the pilot phase, the access to the Register will be open for all its future users, regardless of their place of residence. In this way, the Register will be open for all future users from all over the world.

The Registry is a digital database and a communication network available as a web application for desktop, tablet and mobile phone. If you still have not registered, you can do it here. After registration and login, the users enter their data as a natural person and/or legal person, which allows them to make use of all the Registry’s advantages and functionality.

The users of the web app of the Registry have the opportunity to establish business, scientific, cultural, sports and other types of cooperation with Croats from the homeland and all over the world. Furthermore, it makes it possible for users to directly communicate with each other and to be updated on the possibilities of achieving their professional and personal objectives.

The creation of the Registry is based on the Act on the relations between the Republic of Croatia and Croats Abroad, as one of the specific objectives of this project is to establish a database which should contribute to the thorough and systematic implementation of public policies of the Republic of Croatia towards Croats abroad.

The personal information of the Registry users is protected in accordance with the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU (GDPR). For further information on how to protect your personal information, please click here.

We invite you to participate in this project and to become part of a global Croatia because being global is being  Croatian!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to let us know by sending an e-mail to registar@hrvatiizvanrh.hr.

For further information about the scope of work and other activities of the Office, please visit the official website www.hrvatiizvanrh.hr.